9 ) who had sex with a then 14 year old girl

Letters to the Editor 14

Interested members may sign up for all classes for September, October and November.

Membership is open to all 50 years and over. Centre membership is $20 per year. Please apply at the front desk to register for membership and for computer classes. Membership and class fees are require prior to class.

Drop in sessions are for those members who are experiencing little problems with computers, tablets, and IPads; such as how to clean up your computer, address security concerns, solve basic problems and avoid frustrations and may offer one on one for some programs. The techs are there to help you. There is nominal fee for these drop in sessions.

Courts were too lenient

Dear Editor:

Re: The Osoyoos man (Herald, Aug. 9 ) who had sex with a then 14 year old girl. He got the minimum sentence (90 intermittent days) ## ## .

Apparently he is a “productive and law abiding” citizen. These are the ones who get away with such crimes, hiding under the guise of respectability. Educators, sports coaches, religious leaders, all of them are productive and supposedly law abiding. Why should a person with a job be considered less likely to re offend? After all, they did offend while employed.

Oh, yes, the man’s lawyer said it was the proverbial “lapse of judgement.” Must have been a long lapse as it went on for several months. I think the biggest lapse here is a lapse of “judge” merit.

Joy LangWould like to reconnect

Dear Editor :

I have wanted to ask if a letter may open a window from my past.

Around the age of 11 years old I left the British orphanage on Vancouver Island to be adopted by Jack and Marjorie Lovick who owned an advertising company in Vancouver and resided in the upscale area of Kerrisdale.

I went from sharing a cottage and dining in a mess hall off a tin plate with about 300 other mouths to feed to eating in luxury with fresh squeezed orange juice every morning. Living with the Lovicks was like living in a dream world I could never of imagined.

A live in maid with the maiden name (Poshman) was a sweetheart but one day she left to get married, I believe in or

It’s possible the lady is still alive and would no doubt remember me as “Tommy Lovick,” which was to be my adopted name.

I owe her an apology for ringing the gold plated dinner bell in the dining room to see how fast she could respond to my call.

This fine lady could be very much alive and a call would warm up my heart with memories of a fine lady from my past!

Hopes office will reopen

Dear Editor:

Re: Possible reopening of Veterans Affairs office in , (Herald, Aug. 12).

I do hope MP Stephen Fuhr is successful with this undertaking.

As a Korean War veteran, I am entitled to and accept the offerings from my federal government through Veterans Affairs.

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